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后果 冠状病毒, which is occurring worldwide, also affect our 事务筹办者Koelnmesse认为 events. The health of all trade fair participants, customers and partners is paramount.



Under the motto "One face to the customer", Koelncongress as an innovative full-service division will in future contribute its strengths under a new name.

The wholly owned subsidiary Koelncongress GmbH presents itself as an organization with creative, strong concepts and solutions. It stands for innovative and successful future trade fairs, conferences and events.




Enjoy a safe trade fair visit with a digital ticket and an EU Digital Covid Certificate


世博会 2020 has opened its doors

从01.10.2021 to 31.03.2022, the World 世博会 takes place in Dubai. Under the motto "Connecting Minds, 创造未来”, 190 countries participate. It is the first 世博会 in the Arabic-speaking world. The organiser expects more than 70 % of the visitors to come from abroad.



危机驱使bt365亚洲版体育在线. It places demands on our strength, our perseverance and, above all, our creativity. 请阅读bt365亚洲版体育在线的 年度报告 .

The trade fair world is changing


帮助bt365亚洲版体育在线留下深刻印象! As an employer, 事务筹办者Koelnmesse认为 offers you a wide range of opportunities.

Everything about 事务筹办者Koelnmesse认为作为雇主


... for 事务筹办者Koelnmesse认为 means acting in the spirit of sustainability for its employees, 科隆网站, its trade fairs and its exhibition grounds.



As organizer and operator of the German Pavilion, 事务筹办者Koelnmesse认为 is providing a place of encounter under the slogan "Connecting Minds, 创造未来”.

Information about 2020年迪拜世博会

Trade fair halls and exhibition center

事务筹办者Koelnmesse认为's exhibition halls are centrally located in Cologne's city centre, right at the heart of Europe's largest economic region.

Find out more about our halls and trade fair grounds

Arousing curiosity - 事务筹办者Koelnmesse认为 facts and figures


exhibitors from 122 countries





284.000 m²


We would like to stay in touch with you in the future, in order to keep you appropriately informed of events and similar services. 这就是为什么bt365亚洲版体育在线会 like to ask for your consent to contact via electronic media.

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